Dawnsong Paperback
W. Scott

Dawnsong Paperback

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Jessica Halloran is the unlikely sixteen-year-old keeper of Dawnsong, a ring that conceals an enchanted sword that becomes more powerful in the hands of a good and honorable warrior.

It isn't long before Jessica's ruthless enemies find themselves in a situation they could not possibly have expected. Forced to confront an adversary who defeats monsters and then heals them, wants to be a pirate captain because "they have the best hats," and who can draw powers from her weapon even the ancients cannot explain, the diabolical Cryptics and their henchmen face an unpredictable dilemma.

Jessica can already bless and strengthen her allies, sense evil, bargain with plants so they don't get "grumpy," and deflect dangerous magic with her blade. Now she is getting very close to discovering seven other rings that may be just as powerful as her own, and it just so happens she brought her friends along.

Prepare yourself for an adventure like nothing you have ever experienced before as the Greatest Fighting Team of Teenage Girls Ever Assembled face a fireball-throwing goblin king, a mind-controlling hag and her deranged raccoon familiar, an ooze that eats staircases, a haunted scarecrow, a strange little man who delivers powerful magic tools and weapons alongside a hearty lunch, a four-inch tall dragon and a forty-pound "ferocious guard cat" that sleeps through the entire story.

Noblebright fantasy will never be the same again.

Dawnsong is the first book in the all-new LadyStar™ series. It is a noblebright middle-grade fantasy adventure for readers ages 9 and up.  Parental guidance is recommended for monsters and scenes of fantasy violence.

Dawnsong is a large-format 606 page paperback of 98,000 words. ISBN 978-1548153861 


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