Dawnsong Paperback
W. Scott

Dawnsong Paperback

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"The Power Rangers crossed with Sailor Moon in a fantasy setting." -- Book Gremlin 

An idealistic boy breaks a corrupt truce, steals the last Champion Skyblade and entrusts it to a sixteen-year-old girl from another world named Jessica Halloran. It is a reckless attempt to fight back against the evil hunting him and his people.

When the celestium sword's long dormant magic begins to respond to Jessica's honesty and compassion, the Cryptics and their demons face an unexpected dilemma. Their new adversary is unpredictable and she learns quickly. It is not long before she begins to draw power from her new blade even the ancients cannot explain.

Now Jessica is getting close to discovering seven other weapons that may be just as formidable as her own, and it just so happens she brought her friends along.

Prepare yourself for an action-packed journey into a world of magic and monsters like nothing you have ever experienced before. Here begin the adventures of Jessica Halloran and the Greatest Fighting Team of Teenage Girls Ever Assembled!

Noblebright fantasy will never be the same.

Dawnsong is the first book in the all-new LadyStar™ series. It is a noblebright middle-grade fantasy adventure for readers ages 9 and up.  Parental guidance is recommended for monsters and scenes of fantasy violence.

Dawnsong is a large-format 796-page paperback. ISBN 978-1548153861 


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